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'A Stem Cell Transplant, MS Recovery Story!

     After being diagnosed with MS in 1995, Sandi Selvi began to decline rapidly and quickly became frustrated with conventional medical options. The drugs had nasty side effects, and in her case, the drugs didn’t work.

     So, in March of 2000 Sandi joined forces with the brilliant doctors at Scripp’s in San Diego, to, as they so eloquently put it, “Kill her immune system and build a new one” with an autologous stem cell transplant. Theoretically her new immune system could stop the MS.

     During the two month medical procedure Sandi came pretty close to death, but a $10.99 box of used comedy tapes helped her through recovery, and changed her life. Laughter is indeed the best medicine-Sandi now shares her medicine, and her medical miracle, through stand-up comedy.

The Book


“Sandi makes the toughest journey seem refreshingly funny. Every doctor, comedian and patient should read this great book.” 

Neil Leiberman, The Comedy Coach(R)

“Love the raw honesty and humor. MS babe who got a stem cell transplant-that alone is a miracle.” 

Christy Evans Jordan, has MS

“I dog-earred over 20 pages that made me laugh out loud or burst in tears. I was awed by your journey, uplifted by your triumphs and overwhelmed by the simple message of family forever.”
Melissa Berger

“Spell-binding-rings true on every level. Inspiring and empowering for anyone facing challenges they think are so insurmountable that they cannot be overcome.” 

Lynn Ruth Miller, author of Starving Hearts

“I’m so glad Sandi refuses to do stand-up in a wheelchair because we don’t have a ramp. (For giggles.) Sandi incorporates some great laughs into her MS story, proving that she’s not only a funny comedian but a strong woman as well.” ~ Heather Barbieri, owner of Rooster T. Feathers

“Wonderful, amazing, heartbreaking, inspiring.” 

Britta Wilder, writer and painter

“Inspiration for anyone diagnosed with a serious disease. It shows that IT IS possible to not only beat the odds, but to pursue your passion at the same time.” ~ John DeKoven, Bunjo’s Comedy Club

“Really good read. Thanks for the insightful look into your life. You’re a brave woman.” 

Rich Stimbra, Asst. Dir. SFCC


TEDx Talk

"What an amazing time I had giving my TEDx talk. I met the most amazing people and they had the most positive audience."

More about Sandi

Sandi Selvi is a comedian, writer and Bay Area native. Not only did she grow up in the bay area, in 1983 she graduated from San Jose State University. She maintains a unique perspective, having successfully battled the twin challenges of multiple sclerosis and motherhood. After undergoing an experimental stem cell transplant and then realizing how well the procedure worked; she has been delighting audiences with her wit and insight at places like the Improv, TEDx Talks, the Comedy Store, Caroline’s on Broadway and many other venues.

Sandi was featured in the comedy documentary by Jeff Mosley, ʻComedy Ainʼt for the Money.' Her book, Wonʼt Do Stand-Up From A Wheelchair (Wyatt-Mackenzie) was published in March of 2010. In March of 2015 the second edition, under the new title 'A Stem Cell Transplant, MS Recovery Story.'

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